MENTON GARAVAN - Beach Renovation Project Completed by Mid-June 2024

MENTON GARAVAN - Beach Renovation Project Completed by Mid-June 2024


The project to revitalize the beaches of Menton Garavan, scheduled to be completed by mid-June 2024, brings a welcome transformation to the Promenade de la Mer, an iconic space near Sablettes Beach. This renovation aims to enhance the experience for residents and visitors while preserving the natural character of this popular area.

After a 30-year wait, the residents of Menton finally see the realization of this renovation project initiated last September. The new design includes the installation of decks over approximately 400 meters, paving similar to that of the Sablettes esplanade, as well as tree planting and the renovation of facades and joinery.

This renovation has allowed for the removal of 2,000 square meters of concrete, promoting greenery by adding around forty new trees and colorful flowers. Efforts are also being made to improve accessibility, safety, and the overall aesthetics of the beaches.

Despite some reservations expressed by certain regulars regarding the loss of the "cozy" ambiance of yesteryears, new commercial spaces, including a restaurant and a diving club, will also invigorate the promenade.

With delivery scheduled for mid-June 2024, residents of Menton and tourists will soon have the opportunity to fully enjoy this renovated space, offering relaxation and conviviality throughout the 2024 summer season. The total cost of the operation, approximately €6.78 million, is primarily funded by the municipality of Menton.

By investing in these renovations, local authorities aim to enhance the tourist appeal of the region and create welcoming and attractive spaces for everyone.


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